The ship came and then went again …

28 12 2011

Cruise Ship in NP - the first for over a decade

The weather had been fantastic – Christmas Day just awesome, the best in years. But because we were going to be doing a market for the Cruise Ship that was coming in on the 27th, the rain made its appearance. Thankfully it was only in the morning while we were setting up. Not that many people were around, because they didn’t know there were market stalls on that day. The one benefit we did have however, was that we were setup next to the lovely foreshore walkway. Many people in their running, biking or skating gear came to have a nosey at the stalls. As for the Cruise Ship passengers – we saw a few and they were interesting to talk with. The most common thing we heard from them was that they were glad to be on solid ground so they could get a decent coffee!! Other comments we heard were from people who had been to NZ several times before but never to New Plymouth …



A big disappointment for them all was that the mountain stayed behind the cloud  all day.



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