Strawberry Fair at Waimate

22 12 2011

We stayed at another POP (park over property) at Waikouiti, just north of Dunedin.  This was great.  As we were pulling out of the carpark, the owner asked if he could look inside the rig.  It was all packed up – but we said ok.  Man could he talk!!  Anyway, we did eventually get back on the road to Waimate.

We arrived at Waimate – where we parked right at the park where the Strawberry Fair was being held the next day.  This is making life so easy being able to park onsite.  This fair was very casual, and not as good as the previous markets we’d been at.

Some fellow steampunkers (still in their garb) came to visit the Fair, and when they saw Amanda there they were raving about the photo shoot that had taken place at Steampunk HQ that morning.  This is being done for an article, and hopefully front page pic, for the AA Directions magazine. Can’t wait to see the March version of this.

That night we joined some people in their bus for drinkies.  It turned out that there were three buses – all friends from various parts of the South Island and this was their annual catchup.  Also, it seems that my kids, Kane and Ben, may have ridden against one of the couple’s kids at various Motocross events around NZ.  Will have to chase that one up.



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