On our way to Oamaru Victoria Fete

15 11 2011

A crumbled and broken Basilica

On our way to the Oamaru Victorian Fete we stayed in Christchurch one night. On the afternoon we arrived we went for a drive around some of the quake damaged area – and stopped at the Basilica to take photos. What a sobering time that was. It was only a couple of years prior that we attended Amanda’s dads’ funeral in this same building. The next day after the funeral we toured through this magnificent building and was taken right up into the attic, through narrow stairways etc. We were very privileged to have been able to do this and I was able to take photos of the view from the very top windows. It’s now gone …


Within 30 minutes of seeing some of this distruction we came across some of the

New and funky Christchurch mall in the making ...

rebuilding they have started in the CBD. WOW. It’s soo cool and funky – and all from Containers. Speaking of containers – they are everywhere!! They’re being used to prop up the sides of buildings, as wall breaks to prevent sliding and falling hillsides going onto roads and buildings, as a shopping centre – you name it.





The following day we plugged three destinations into the GPS and took another sobering tour through the quake ravaged areas of Christchurch. Avonside, Lyttleton and Red Hills. Unbelievable – and very saddening to drive through street after street of empty broken homes. Nature is definitely a force to be reckoned with …



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