A step back in time …

17 11 2011

Stepping back in time ...

We’ve arrived in Oamaru – and after looking at a couple of likely places for us to park our house we decided to backtrack into Oamaru and park at the Racecourse. Because we were going to be there for almost a week we decided to be close to town and internet service!!  The first couple of things we do once we are parked is suss out a laundrette – and thankfully found one. The other thing was to meet up with Mrs Steampunk of Oamaru. Amanda and Helen have been conversing via email and facebook.  Talk about stepping back in time in Oamaru.  It didn’t matter where we were we were seeing people everywhere in Victorian dress.  It looked awesome.  People were really taking it seriously! As part of the Victorian week celebrations there was going to be a harness race day – right where we were parked!



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