Rain, rain and more rain …

14 12 2011

Don’t you hate it when the weather forecast is right specially when it’s yukky weather being forecast!!  Since we’ve arrived in Richmond – back at our usual place – it’s poured with rain. I’m sitting here at 12.30pm and it’s still pouring.  The puddles around us are getting bigger and bigger – I can see a moat forming! We need to catch up on our mail, pay some bills and get some groceries but we don’t want to move.







We’ve just seen the news and there is terrible flooding and devastation from the flooding in Nelson.  Just looking at the road outside the grounds where we are staying and it’s flooded really badly.  The Camp Manager is really worried and has suggested to several campers that it would be a good idea for them to shift to higher ground.  Where we are parked, we are extremely lucky.



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