Dunedin trip

24 11 2011



In between Steampunk stuff we drove to Dunedin for a day trip.  We cruised along the coastal road and really enjoyed the views.  While in Dunedin we made our way to Port Chalmers.  The last time we were there we thoroughly enjoyed it and couldn’t wait to get back there.  As we were driving to Port Chalmers we kept seeing chartered buses with "Cruise Ship" on their screens.  When we got there what a site!  There were two cruise ships in Port.  Dunedin was buzzing – an influx of approx 6000 people!  Port Chalmers had hardly a sole on their streets.  Really disappointing.  Seemed like such opportunities have been wasted but then we don’t know the full story.  Anyway, we won’t be rushing back to check out the stores/galleries in Port Chalmers.



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