Our stay in Nelson …

11 10 2011

Trotting training at Richmond Park

It’s amazing how, with time, things get easier isn’t it?  Our stress levels have gone way down low and we can finally say we’re starting to enjoy our

new home.  We got to Nelson without any hiccups.  Even getting on and off the ferry was hassle-free.  Thankfully we were on the ferry when the sleet and hail started!!

Amanda had her first drive from just after Picton thru to Canvastown and found it much easier than she initially thought.  Even though we had planned to stay at Canvastown we ended up staying the night at Pelorus Bridge – more expensive than we had hoped but we had power. This mean’t we were warm with being able to plug in our electric blankies as well as having our fridge keeping the milk cold.  The next morning we drove straight to Campro in Nelson for them to install an LPG heater and to find the fridge fault.  The fridge worked fine for them (of course) so they couldn’t do anything there. We found a place to park in Richmond, at the Richmond A&P showgrounds and this is working out very well for us.

The next day the gas detector alarm started screaming – now what!!!!  We phoned Campro who suggested that it wouldn’t be because they had put the new LPG heater in incorrectly – but they would send the gas plumber out to us to check it out.  He found the problem! The wire, to make the spark for the gas, had rubbed on a bit of metal and was shorting out before it was reachi

ng the gas. I guess sometimes it was getting through (whenever a technician was looking at it!).

So we’re very pleased to say that our fridge has been working fine ever since. We’re slowly sorting out where everything is going and coming to terms with a second, or is it fourth, round of culling.

We even found our deck chairs yesterday and so we enjoyed a beer in the daylight saved and sp starting to feel more relaxed each day. Amanda’s been making jewellery at the table and her production levels are soaring. It’s been a very long time since she’s felt this enthusiastic and creative about her work. This has definitely been a good move.

Chris is driving a school bus and really enjoying it. She has never been thanked so many times in a day in one afternoon let alone in a week!!

Where is our kayak??!!

We will stay put here until the end of October and then we’ll head south to the first big market at Culverden. Just yesterday found a market to go to in November in Oamaru – the Steampunk capital of NZ! So we’ll be very pleased to


be showing off our steampunk wares to the converted 😆

Very pleased to say things are all good here, we have been very fortunate that a good friend of ours has made our kitchen cupboard into an awesome pantry and slowly things are being put in their place!!



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